is a PR business consultant, online marketing consultant and author

  • For the past 25 years active in PR and media consultancy, for much of that time freelance in large organisations and advertising agencies. Lives and works actually from the beautiful Münsterland (land of horses, castles, enchanting palaces und gardens) and from Southern Germany (the original home of her daughter) and works in the whole of Europe and USA.
  • Supports medium sized companies from the following branches: fashion for women and men, jewellery, accessories, shoes, cosmetics, interiors, lifestyle and travel, all of top quality. We serve companies which want to establish an effective and stylish media presence in both print and online media. These companies want their products and their business to be presented in the best fashion magazines, economy and lifestyle magazines, also in special interest media and in the quality daily newspapers, plus in TV and radio.
  • My main emphasis is on media consultation in print and online forms, supporting communication processes, the development and implementation of visions and ideas for the strengthening of brand names and supporting image building processes, also planning and execution, as well as the supervision of events and arranging cooperation partners and VIPs.
  • Around 2000 media forms are available at home and abroad, in Europe and USA, thanks to long-standing, well-maintained contacts. We work directly on the further development and reinforcement of your presence in the media, based on exact knowledge of content and journalistic opportunities.
  • The aim is to promote the external image of your business through continual media presence, and thus generate an increasing demand for your products.