Classical PR and Media relations

The basis of successful PR and Media relations requires the development of creative and customer-oriented strategies  which are then applied effectively and with commitment.

Daily media relations involve the presentation of the company in the targeted types of media.  This can involve a variety of forms, such as, written, by telephone, personal contact, photographic, the press, the implementation of press releases, answering questions on the product,  dealing with logistics for goods, the establishment and maintenance of press distribution lists aimed at interested groups, the preparation of press material, personal introductions of companies to the editorial offices, the organisation and implementation of press conferences, arranging exclusive interviews with postprocessing, editorial discussions, topic suggestions, and also constant observation of diverse media groups. The continuity of dialogue with the media groups is important for the success of communication.

Media Relations

There is a first class, longstanding and steadfast contact to print and online media, TV and radio in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as various other European countries and USA.  This opens up opportunities for editors to discuss the themes and arguments of the customers.  Support can be provided by giving access to information, material and interview partners.  Similarly, features can be compiled in the field of electronic media.  Texts, photos and graphics can be tailored to the differing expectations of the editors, relative to their content.

We have a topic data bank for widely varied media groups which serves as a precise tool for accurately connecting the requirements and wishes for information of editors with the themes of the customers. The topic data bank includes general theme plans based on longterm knowledge, and on the priority themes of media groups.  The journalists receive the correct information on a timeline so that the PR service facilitates their research.

Product PR

Concepts for specific target groups are created for the positioning and profiling of products.  Media distribution with an emphasis on the needs of the company is developed to accommodate the wished-for product image and to suit the consumer target groups.  Suitable theme plans are worked on and the content is prepared. 

Company and personality PR

The development of communication relating to the business and the personality behind the enterprise enriches the product PR synergetically.  This provides the customer with a reference point for identification with the company or the personality of the business.

Culture PR and sponsoring

Companies are given specific advice according to their goals on the cooperation with sponsor partners as well as in the field of art and culture sponsoring.  Culture and sponsoring activities provide a memorable identification with the respective partner from that field of culture.  This reflects outwards as a ''third party'', rating after the product and company personality.

Event PR

Events are designed and organised with great enthusiasm and much experience.

The search for a location, the design and the definition of conceptional details are all covered.  Naturally the required media preparation and documentation is included.


We undertake the strategical counselling of companies in view of cooperation with well-known personalities.  This includes the provision of presenters from a variety of broadcasters, as well as contact to well-known stars from series or international stars.  We develop concepts for expedient cooperation.  Media documentation is an important sales support.

Online PR

Development and maintenance of digital strategies – these cannot be left out of a company's daily business with the media.  We cooperate with leading e-media, bloggers and online editors.  We support you in your contact with all of the relevant, important and well-known online platforms.