Communication expenses are an investment. Thus companies, quite rightly, expect a preferably high "Return on Investment" in the form of improved reputation, an improved brand image or entry to new markets.

PR/communication plays a significant role in setting up the value of a company. PR, through communication in a variety of forms of media, launches and influences the perception, knowledge and evaluation of a product, a company or a personality.

The foundations for success and positive business results are a constant presence in the media, as well as communication in TV and on the radio. Only with mid- to long-term Public Relations can companies achieve a correspondingly high "Return on Communication Investment". The value of a product in the eyes of the consumer increases with the amount of communication about it and through constant contact with potential customers using a variety of types of media.

One must invest in one's name by communicating with one's audience. If your name is on everyone's lips, you have made it!