My 5 best tips on how to be placed in the media and to be established longterm at a high level.

1. The Product

Show an innovative premium product with outstanding design which has some advantage or an emotional attraction for your intended customers.  Your product can captivate through a trend, beauty, exclusivity, brilliance, an ingenious idea or cult status, to name but a few examples.  Certainly, something very special paired with high quality or focused sustainability  has a better chance.  So, be special – unusual and good.

2. Your Story

Tell everything about your product and its story, or the story of your business and the ingenious idea behind your products. If this story is really good and unique, if it is also new, then you have a good chance of finding your place in the media.  The media is always looking for new and interesting things.  One can love it for that.

3. Building up a relationship

Communication is a "relationship gift" which aims for reciprocal respect, consideration and common understanding.  It involves give and take.  No editor waits only for the one product.  There are infinite other ones.  The inclusion of products is based on suitable topics, quality, special features and goodwill on the side of the editor - always.  Therefore be patient if you want to achieve something together.

4. Time

It takes time to become established in the media, above all if you are new.  Be patient with the editorial department and don't try for a 'quick fix' method.  At the first contact a process of joint collaboration begins.  One makes preparations calmly, gives of one's best and uses the editorial opportunity which often has a thematic basis.  Thus you will have good releases in your possession all the sooner.

5. Your retail structure or your onlineshop

A good network of retail businesses in large well-known cities from north to south, east to west, makes in easier for the editorial department to report on your products because they are available everywhere, which is all important for the reader.  Equally important is a well-presented online-shop which dispatches everywhere and quickly, and which can replace a non-existent retailer.